Friday, March 07, 2014

Sam's First Day of His Last Semester of "Jardin"

Today was the first day of Sam's last semester of "jardin" or what they call pre-school in Chile. My little boy is growing up and today he was a little shy walking into school this morning.

It is kind of ironic since for the last three weeks he wakes up every morning and asks, "Today I go to school, mommy?" He has been asking about his teachers, friends and every other aspect of school. They boy was on constant question mode and he was disappointed when Luka would go to school in the morning and he would have to stay home.

But today he was shy and didn't want to let go of mommy. I didn't get any pictures full of smiles, but I did get his beautiful shy little smirk.

Good luck during the next couple of months Sammy...pretty soon you will be going to the same school as your big brother. You will have many changes in the coming months...going to big boy school and becoming a big brother will all happen in the same month!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Celebrating Baby Boy #3

While in Miami I had a nice surprise. My amazing friend Ana teamed up with my sister and mom to plan me a little impromptu baby shower. Do people have showers for their third baby? Is it bad etiquette? I also thought it was a little early...but since we live so far away I thought it would be okay to be pampered by my friends and family for one afternoon. Seriously, I loved it!

Ana did such a fabulous job. She is an awesome cook and I should know because I was her roommate for a while and I was spoiled by her tantalizing recipes. Still have dreams about her Mushroom Risotto and my favorite dessert Croissant Bread Pudding (that she made for the shower!!!).
Here I am with my mom and sister. Why does my mom always want to touch my belly? 
My sister came up with some pretty fun games. Here is a game where candy names were paired up with various "experiences" of having a baby and a family. It was very original. 
But this game was hilarious. Several of my friends had to make play dough babies. I wasn't sure if to cry or laugh hysterically. Which one is your favorite? 
Opening presents is always fun...Luka and Sam joined in this activity. 
Best friends...these girls are sisters and have been our best friends since we were five years old. That is 33 years for me...crazy!
Thank you to everyone that came and shared in the fun and an EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to Ana!

To see all of the photos from the shower click here.

Florida Flashback

Our Miami/Orlando visit was full of great times with family and friends. If I had to be completely honest I was a little tired pretty much the whole time, but that was from the growing belly and lack of sleep. But that didn't take away from all the fun the boys had...and I would not have wanted to miss any of it.

Here is a quick little photo tour of some of our adventures from December 30th - February 3rd...

Shopping with my Abuela Nena (Grandmother) was definitely an experience. She had me driving all over Little Havana to get the best deals on everything. By the 3rd and final store to get the cheap toilet paper I was ready for lunch...but she is such a character and kept me amused the entire time. 
Luka baked two cakes with my mom. He loves doing that with his grandma. 
My boys are truly at their happiest on the beach. They love to run back and forth and just soak in the sun, sand and Miami Beach vibe. I love watching them. It is truly a joy! 
South Pointe Park is one of our favorite spots to relax. They always enjoy this mini water playground. 
Sam and Luka were excited to buy a parakeet for Grandpa's "aviary." 
This time we went to Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios with my sister and her boys. It was a trip just for the cousins and they had a blast. 
Sam apparently doesn't like taking photos as much as I do. 
Just look at Luka's face. His favorite is still watching the parades. He is always captivated. 
Here we are at Hollywood Studios...Luka's favorite park. The boys are hiding the baby bump...but it was there. 
We were so lucky the parks were pretty empty and we able to take photos with so many of the characters. Sam's face would light up...just look at him! Can he get any happier? 
We also had a chance to visit the Everglades and walk WAY TOO CLOSE to about 50 alligators. I mean I was freaking out the entire time, but I now I can check off take a walk with a gator off my bucket list. I had no idea you could get so close to the gators. 
After the gators we needed something to calm our nerves...what is better than a fruit shake from Robert Is Here

Thank you to my friend Esther for inviting us for a play date and letting Luka and Sam "drive" for the first time.  
The Miami Children's Museum is always a fun stop for the boys. 
"Hey Mom, help me brush my teeth." 
Happy New Year! This was a photo from our first full day in Miami. Yeah, I don't think these are in chronological order...but that is okay. Sam was all about the sparklers! 
These boys were lucky enough to go to Orlando a SECOND time. This time we went with Abuela and Abuelo. Here are the boys getting all crazy in the mouth of a gator at our hotel. 
They loved Epcot! 
But I think they enjoyed the Character Breakfast the best. 
You can't deny the love that Sammy has for his grandfather. 
It is always fun to catch up with old friends and their families. Crazy to see how much everyone is growing up! 
This had to be one of the biggest treats for the boys. Our friend Brandon recently opened The South Florida Center for the Percussive Arts and we stopped by for a tour. Oh kids love their drums. They could have banged on those things all night. 

Mommy thought putting the boys in school for two weeks was a good idea. They didn't think so, but at the end of the day they had fun and got to practice some school work during their summer vacation (remember it is summer in Chile). 
Is that a cool snake or what? 
Little boys should not get so excited to go to Starbucks... 
Well, that is the nickel photo tour. If you have time and want to see all the photos from our trip click here.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Halfway There...

Yes, we are still alive....and growing as a family. It has been forever since my last post. The boys and I were in Miami for 5 weeks and recently returned to Santiago. Well, life as a pregnant single parent in Miami was tough and left little time to post or organize photos, but I have managed to transfer all photos to the computer and hope to have a photo post later today of our trip. "Hope" being the operative word and to think that soon I will have another boy to add to my pack. How will I find the time to shower...I guess I goes on and I will learn how to be a mommy to three amazing little boys.

Yesterday marked the halfway mark of the pregnancy...officially 20 weeks. To celebrate (just kind of worked out that way) the entire family went to the 20-week sonogram appointment. As you can see from the photo above our little boy is a thinker. Can you see him napping with his fist rested on his chin? It might take you a minute to make it out...see it now?

In the photo below Sam & Luka are glowing and couldn't wait to see their little brother. And yes it is a boy...Luka and I were secretly hoping the doctor would tell us that he made a mistake the first time and that I would have to return all the blue baby boy clothes...but he confirmed it and even showed us a photo that left little doubt and in Sam's words, "Yay, my brother has PENIS." 
Here we are in the waiting room as we are reviewing the results of the tests. Every category said "normal" and in this case normal is pretty fantastic. Here is our first "family of five" photo. Sam wanted to be the first one to hold his brother and as you can see Luka wasn't so happy about that. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

First Photo of the New Baby

This is the first of many photos of the newest addition of our family. Here he is at 13 weeks. Yes, it is a boy…well that is what they told us at the last appointment. I thought it was a little early, but technology is amazing these days and this doctor had a super duper scan machine. He said he was 100% sure…lets see how it unfolds in the next couple of weeks.

Cute profile, no? Well I am biased I guess.

The next photo will be at 20 weeks…stay tuned.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Holidays…From Our "Growing" Family to Yours

This year we have many things to be thankful for…especially the new addition we will have to our family in 2014. It was a BIG surprise to us, but we are getting used to the idea. And guess what...we are going to have ANOTHER boy! Yes, I will be completely outnumbered in the house, but I guess that also means I will have four boys to take care of me…who am I kidding…ha ha ha.

Luka and Sam are over the moon with the news of a little brother. I think Sam kisses my belly at leaf 20 times a day and Luka keeps talking about all the help he is going to give me with the baby.

2013 was a good year, but I think 2014 is going to be a GREAT year! We wish the best to all of our family and friends around the world and may this coming year bring many blessings to your life!

Love from Santiago, Chile,
Melissa, JJ, Luka, Sam & Baby Boy

Friday, December 20, 2013

"GREASE is the Word"

In my house Grease is definitely the word these days. Sam's End of the Year Show at school was a celebration of various movie genres and his class performed a Grease medley. As if my boys weren't Grease obsessed enough already. I think it is amazing how it is a movie I LOVED growing up, I can practically repeat the entire movie word for word, and now my boys love it too and spend their day humming tunes from the flick.

Doesn't Sam look like a little "Kenickie" (yes I had to look up how to spell that)? He was very proud of his custom-made pleather jacket. Never mind that it was 90 degrees outside in the scorching sun. I think he was about to pass out while he sat there for the other classes to finish.

We were very proud of Sammy that day and I think our house will always have the sounds of Rydell High blasting in our hallways!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

School Photos ROCK

Well, they don't aways come out great…but living abroad I have come to appreciate these nostalgic awkward pics. The boys' school doesn't always offer them, but this year BOTH of them did and yesterday we had the surprise package sent home in both of their backpacks…DOUBLE WHAMMY!

Don't they boys look cute and Sam is sooooo grown up! This picture doesn't bring out his naughty side…or does it? He is the sweetest naughtiest boy around.

Luka is missing BOTH of his front teeth in the photo and recently one has fully grown in…but the other one is still missing. I think that tooth is a late bloomer. That boy can smile even without his teeth.
Do you order your school photos? I always do…no matter how bad they come out. My mom always loved having these photos around and I still have my elementary, middle and high school photos around and Luka loves to look at them every once in a while.

Well, sorry for the sparse updates but so much going on. Hopefully once school is out next week I can catch up on even some of our summer trips…yes, I am sooooo behind.